The 59-minute COVID-19 Real Time-PCR Test™

“Do the Math”

Once our test samples have been prepped and plated, we have (on average) been able to speed up the running of individual test samples to less than 1 hour. In a standard 96 well plate, our platform can run 47 individual tests (without multiplexing primers, probes and controls) per hour per PCR machine.  In an 8-hour day, this would be approximately 376 tests per PCR machine. If a lab ran three machines for 8 hours, they could achieve over 1100 tests per day. If we had 300 labs running this number of tests per day, this would be 330,000 per day.

We believe that this is the only way to scale testing to meet the demand. Many labs doing their part in the war against the corona virus is the only way to turn things around.  We invite you to be a partner in this process.

Our Model For Rapid Scaling of Covid-19

Test Expansion

Testing Solutions to the COVID-19 Pandemic:


With the current model of COVID-19 testing, large reference labs and point of care centers have limited capacity. Each lab has a maximum number of tests that they can perform.

The only way to ramp up the number of daily tests is to recruit and support additional testing labs.

If we identify, recruit, and supply CLIA approved PCR testing labs, we can scale the testing process. Accelerated Health LLC believes that with the appropriate support, we empower local, regional labs in performing COVID-19 testing. If additional centers that have PCR machines can be facilitated to become CLIA approved, they can also come on board. This network could support universities and other sites to fill in the gap. We will provide test kits and technical support to get these labs online so that the number of tests per day can be rapidly scaled. With the FDA approval of self-nasal swabbing, an individual can find a local testing lab to run their swab-testing sample. With our 59-minute test platform, we have an aim to drastically increase the testing output through creating and deploying a testing network.

With this, we can scale the amount of daily testing and monitoring, to meet the overwhelming need to get on top of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Conrad Equation

The Conrad Equation.png