Personalized Laboratories

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Our model for supporting specific customer needs

The 59-minute COVID-19 Real Time-PCR Test™

As we move into the fall of 2020, the need to reopen and maintain colleges, universities, and other businesses, will become an increasing issue. There will be an increased demand for repetitive, highly sensitive testing, with a rapid turnaround of results. It is also important to simplify sample collection and transportation of the test specimen to the lab. 

Therefore, Accelerated Health LLC has designed scalable testing laboratories that can be integrated on campuses and other strategic locations. This pop-up lab model will support a business or university partner's specific needs and allow them to keep their business or university open. The proximity of the lab will help to simplify the transport of the specimen to the lab. We will also develop home saliva test kits for businesses and institutions that want them. Home testing drastically improves testing compliance and supports sustained repeated COVID testing required to keep organizations operational through the pandemic. 

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Testing Volume Potentials

(Per Laboratory Site Location)

With the current model of COVID-19 testing, large reference labs and point of care centers have limited capacity. Each lab has a maximum number of tests that they can perform per day.

Our on-site testing labs can be scaled to meet your daily needs. We will help you determine what your daily testing volumes will be. Our metric is that all testss can be performed with results back to the patient within 24 hours. If you turn around needs to be faster than that, we can design systems to achieve your goal. We have models that can achieve daily testing volumes from 500 to 10,000 samples per day. If higher daily testing volumes are needed, we are happy to set up a logistics session to discuss achieving your daily testing needs. ​

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