Accelerated Health, LLC. Supply Chain Management Solutions

Together, we can solve the mass testing challenge.

In addition to supporting the onboarding of more testing capacity, we have a dedicated team looking at every step in the supply chain aspect of COVID-19 testing.  


At Accelerated Health, LLC,

  • We are looking at both human testing as well as environmental testing platforms.

  • We will be working with city, state and federate agencies to help address these issues.

  • We represent the end uses of this system and are looking for moment-to-moment feedback from you regarding your needs. 

  • We want to hear about your need help to address them.

  • We work support both national and international needs.

  • If you have supply chain solutions to offer, we also look forward to hearing from you.

  • Human testing and environment testing present different challenges. Therefore we have created dedicated teams for both platforms.

Contact Us Today and let us know what your needs are.