About Accelerated Health

Accelerated Health LLC, a US company is a partnership of healthcare professionals and laboratory scientists. Our research and development center has over 20 years experience in designing, testing and perfecting diagnostic tools for infectious disease conditions. Our team specializes in test design for viral zoonotic conditions. They have developed over 500 tests for a wide array of viral, bacterial, fungal and other organisms.

Because our team has always been independent, in the effort to address the need for faster tests with better accuracy, we were able to disrupt the process of PCR testing and improve the workflow and efficiencies in the process.


From this ingenuity was born Accelerated Health, LLC’s The 59 Minute Covid-19 Real Time-PCR Test.

What Makes Us Different

Accelerated Health, LLC is the best testing platform and partner for you:


  • We have over 25 years of experience in improving PCR test performance.

  • Our methods of designing tags and probes for PCR testing are highly accurate.We have developed unique expertise in zoonotic infection detection. 

  • We are 2 to 3 times faster than other EUA FDA approved PCR tests on the market.

  • We use 40 to 60% fewer reagents to process each patient sample.

  • We offer a customizable pop-up lab that brings the lab to the customer.  

  • This process helps minimize sample transportation bottlenecks and time delays. 

  • We can customize a lab size to your test volume needs.

  • We are more supply chain shortage resistant than other labs.Our supply chain stability is because our testing is built on an “open platform” model:

    • That allows the use of a broader array of reagents from multiple sources.  

    • We can use generic real-time, fast, quantitative color PCR machines, making us more supply chain resistant.